13435 Hwy 183 N Ste. 415

Austin, TX 78750
OPEN 24/7


Aliases: North-by

Established: 1988   Reestablished at current location: 2008

Place in Kerbey Birth order: Third, the middle child.

Awesome things: Big beautiful photographs of Austin on walls, intimate dining rooms

Special features: dog-friendly patio, full bar, espresso machine, tons of seats easily accommodate large and private parties


Room Reservation guidelines:

Must reserve space within 48 hours of reservation date

Monday thru Thursday $25 an hour fee

Friday thru Sunday $50 an hour fee

Due to high volume, reservations are not available from 6am to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday

Select menus available

For any questions or reservation requests please contact Fawn Bailey at

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